Virtual Reflections




There have been thousands of volumes published throughout history containing famous quotations. Many of these are well organized, comprehensive, and extremely helpful for researchers. However, often these books are unwieldy, and the task of finding quotes relevant to a specific purpose is frankly not feasible for the casual reader.


This is where Virtual Reflections is different from other quote compilations. I have selected the quotes and passages included here to be tailored specifically for those who are attempting to overcome panic, anxiety or phobias. In addition, many of you may find this book useful if you are experiencing feelings of mild depression, or simply need an outward source of inspiration in your life. My goal is not to have this book be a substitute for treatment, but instead to have it serve you as an aid as you progress along your journey towards recovery. My hope is that it may be a source of comfort and strength, bolstering your spirit and helping to ease those difficult moments you may encounter as you begin working towards overcoming your anxiety.