Virtual Healers


Virtual Reality in the Mental Health arena is barely over a decade old. Because VR is still such a young and focused field, the members of its community have come together as a tight-knit family.

In Virtual Healers, Dr. Brenda K. Wiederhold, herself a pioneer of VR, sits down in casual one-on-one interviews with more than a dozen of the top researchers of this select group. As a fellow scientist and friend, she allows the reader a rare, in-depth look inside their world. Along with her, you will discover the answers to how these remarkable men and women came to the VR field, what successes and set-backs they have experienced, what keeps them going, as well as how this technology has affected them both personally and professionally.

Virtual Healers is a must-read for the general reader as well as for any healthcare providers who have experienced VR treatment, are considering it, or have an interest in how advanced technologies are shaping the future of health care.