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Registration Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in registering for the 23rd Annual CyberPsychology, CyberTherapy & Social Networking Conference (CYPSY23).

Below are guidelines and fees regarding registration for this year’s conference. If you have any questions regarding registration please direct them to Geneviève Robillard at cypsy23@uqo.ca

Registration Types

Early Registration Deadline: March 1st, 2018
Regular Registration Deadline: March 1st – June 15th, 2018
On-site Registration: June 15th, 2018 onwards

Registration is now only available onsite.

Early registration rate  – Exceptions for « Force Majeure »

The Early Registration rate deadline is March 1st 2018. If there is an exceptional situation applying to a large number of people, often referred to as Force Majeure (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force_majeure), the CYPSY23 will extend the deadline until 7 days after the end of the situation, ONLY to people directly affected by the situation. An example of an acceptable justification for extending the deadline is the UK University Strike. An example of an unacceptable justification is a preventable situation applying only to one person (i.e, being too busy or sick does not count…). This exception will not be applicable to the Regular Registration deadline of June 15th.

If you are in such a case of Force Majeure, including the UK University Strike, please contact us directly at cypsy23@uqo.ca no later than 7 days after the end of the situation and we will give you a personalized special discount code corresponding to the early registration cost. In your email, you have to briefly explain the situation and we will consider each case individually based on the following criteria: the situation must be relevant to you (i.e., do not evoke the UK University Strike if you are not studying or working in UK!), the person has nothing to do with the event’s happening (e.g. an Earthquake), the situation was unpredictable at the time the person was informed the submission was accepted (e.g., do not evoke a political crisis happening weeks after receiving the acceptance email).

Registration Type Early Registration
(until March 1st)
Regular Registration
(March 1st – June 15th)
On-site Registration
(June 15th onward)
Regular $475 $600 $650
Student $275 $300 $440
Exhibitor (see instructions)
Spouse (not participating) $175 $175 $250
Gala Dinner $80 subject to availability subject to availability
Press (with accreditation) Free Free Free
Workshop $50 $75 $100

• All fees are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
• Bank or money transfer fees (if any) are incurred by the payment sender.
• The gala dinner is not included in the registration price and must be paid separately.
• Lunches are included in the registration price on the 27th and 28th
• Spouces are welcome to attend lunch at the cyberarium, but are prohibited from attending the conference.
• To obtain student registration, please submit proof of fulltime enrollment with registration. Student registrations do not include conference publications.
• The conference organisers may offer additional social events at a later stage. These are at additional cost, and are not included in the rates above

Regular registration includes
• Access to all symposia, exhibitions, and poster presentations.
• Access to all networking breaks
• Morning coffee and lunch
• Full conference program plus any additional conference handouts

Exhibitor registration includes
• One Full Registration to the Conference
• Entrance to all scientific talks and networking breaks

Spouse Pricing
If your spouse would like to attend CYPSY23, a discounted rate of $175 CAN. Spouse registration allows only to attend meals, social events and register to the Gala dinner (which is an additional fee). Registering as spouse does not allow to participate in any scientific event. Spouse is not eligible for spouse pricing if he or she is involved in any studies being presented at CYPSY23 or is presenting at CYPSY23. Spouse registration does not include any continuing education credits or conference publications.

On Site Registration
For people who are not presenting anything during the conference but who would still like to attend the conference, there will be an opportunity to register on site. These people will be able to pay a registration fee of 650$ (regular) or 440$ (full-time student).

Press Registration
Press registration includes the possibility to sit and assist to all symposium, exhibitions and poster presentations. It gives access to all scientific talks and networking breaks but not meals. Press registration is NOT available for researchers, exhibitors or clinicians presenting scientific material, showcasing products, or exploring the interest of using cyberpsychology in their clinical practice (i.e., you cannot us the Press registration to get a cheaper registration rate ! ). A formal Press accreditation must be approved before registration by the local conference organizers and it is prohibited to present a communication or a product at the conference. If you are a freelance journalist, you must be on assignment from a media outlet. Photographers must also be on assignment. Local conference organizers take your coverage plans into consideration when reviewing your application and expect coverage to be thoughtful, insightful, informative and consistent with your stated coverage plan. Spec photography, portfolio photography, and personal website photography are not valid assignments. We do not consider social media or a compilation of photos, videos or articles unrelated to CYPSY23 as press coverage. Only actively covering, legitimate media will be considered for credentials. Analysts, Market Researchers, Marketing / Advertising firms, Brand Content Producers, Consultants, Media Coaches, Educators, Filmmakers, etc. are not included in the definition of legitimate media. Please contact local coordinator Geneviève Robillard at cypsy23@uqo.ca or call directly at 1-800-567-1283 (ext. 2360) to get approval and your special registration code (you will NOT be able to register as Press without this code).

Accepted Payment Methods
The online registration is mandatory for all presenters, prior to the deadlines indicated above. The online payment can be done by credit card, cheque or direct bank transfer. For on-site registrations, the preferred method of payment is credit card, but cheques and cash will also be accepted, as long as they are paid in Canadian dollars.

Registration Cancellation Policies
In case of situations of force majeure (ie. “acts of God”, terrorism, etc.) that causes mass cancellations OR in case of individual cancellation, the cancellation assessment and refund will apply as follows to conference registrants:

Cancellation Period Cancellation assessment and refund
(Days Prior to Conference Date)
0–30 days 20% of registration payment will be refunded plus any other applicable taxes.
31–60 days 40% of registration payment will be refunded plus any other applicable taxes.
61–90 days 60% of registration payment will be refunded plus any other applicable taxes.
91–150 days 80% of registration payment will be refunded plus any other applicable taxes.
> 150 days 100% of registration payment will be refunded plus any other applicable taxes.

CYPSY23 Presenters
If your paper is accepted, then it is required that you present the study in person at the conference. Any registration cancellations will result in forfeiture of registration costs.

The Interactive Media Institute, the Canada research Chair in clinical cyberpsychology and the CYPSY23 committee reserve the right to cancel any registrations due to delinquent payment or for not satisfying the above guidelines during the completion of the online registration form.

Here are some examples of the documents you will be required to complete once you are accepted as a presenter: CV Template & Presenter Agreement Form.

Important Notice
Badges must be worn at all times during the conference to facilitate your identification and ensure the accessibility to the different locations and events.

Important Dates

CYPSY23: June 26th – 28th, 2018

Gala Dinner:
June 28th, 2018 (limited space)


Abstract Submission for Workshops Deadline:
December 15th, 2017

Poster, Orals & Symposiums
Submission Deadline :
January 15th, 2018

Notification of Acceptation/Rejection
of Abstract:
February 15th, 2018

Full Paper/Presenter Requirements Due
(Faculty Disclosure Form & Presenter
Agreement Form, Presenter 2-page CV):
March 31st, 2018

Discontinuation of Hotel Discount:
June 1st
(Extended if rooms are available)


Early Registration Deadline:
March 1st, 2018

Regular Registration Deadline:
June 15th, 2018

On-site Registration:
June 26th - 28th, 2018