CyberTherapy 2008 – For Corporations and Businesses

Corporate or business partners are welcome at the Cybertherapy Conference. Three options are available for corporate or business participation or sponsorhisp:

  1. Basic: A table is available for free with one registration (you MUST mention on the Registration form that you will present at the Cyberarium). Note that many presenters at the conference will display their own VR material during an event called the Cyberarium on June 24th. You may use your table only at that time or during all the conference (but then you must have one staff person at the booth all the time, for security reasons). Any additional staff member at the booth must register to the conference. Some space is available for larger or more permanent booths or displays. If you want a permanent or larger booth, you MUST get in touch with Brandon Lozeau at cybertherapy @ to reserve a space and agree upon the dimensions of your booth.
  2. Publicity: For $1,000, it is possible to put the logo of companies in the program and the proceedings and to mention their contribution at the conference.
  3. Flexible scale: After agreeing with the organization committee, a company can sponsor an event. The costs are (taxes and service included): $750 for a coffee break, $1,500 for the cocktail (just the food) or $5,000 for one of the two lunches. It is also possible to pay for wine at one of the meals.