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Instructions for Oral Presenters
- ? Oral presentations are 15 minutes.
- Presenters must register for the conference. There is a limit of one oral/symposium presentation per first author per registration. For a full paper to be published in IOS Press, the study must be presented in person at the conference. Any absences will result in forfeiture of registration costs as well as an automatic rejection in the inclusion of the full paper in the Annual Review of CyberTherapy and Telemedicine. (ARCTT)

Important Deadlines for Oral Presenters:
1. Presenter Registration Deadline is June 1, 2012.
2. Full Paper Submission Deadline is June 1, 2012.
3. Presenter Agreement Form and First Author CV Deadline is June 1, 2012.

Paper Format Requirements:
This year, the Proceedings, the Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine, an important record of the each year’s conference, is published by IOS Press in Amsterdam (http://www.iospress.nl) as part of its Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (SHTI) series, in hard copy and online (http://www.booksonline.iospress.nl). The complete series has been full indexed in MEDLINE. To review previous years Proceedings, please visit http://www.arctt.info.

Below are the instructions for this year’s Proceedings:
  1. Papers chosen for oral presentation may be up to FIVE (5) pages long, total. This includes images and references. In fairness to all authors, any paper that is longer will be refused.
  2. You must adhere to the document format requirements of IOS Press. Please download the instructions here. Note the templates offered for your use. The instructions also serve as an example of a correctly formatted document (with the exception of page headers).
  3. You should submit your paper in two formats: an MS Word document and an identical high-resolution PDF file with all fonts embedded. Submissions can be sent to Conference Coordinator Mr. James Cullen at jcullen@vrphobia.com.
  4. 4Files should be labeled with first author’s surname and first initial. If two papers have the same first author, then use an additional suffix of “_1” and “_2”. Consider these examples:
(Brenda Wiederhold’s single paper, Word version)
(Brenda Wiederhold’s single paper, PDF version)
(Brenda Wiederhold’s second paper of two, Word version)
(Figure 1 in Brenda Wiederhold first paper of two, third figure in TIF)

After reading the IOS Press Instructions, please note these answers to the FAQ.
  1. (Important!) Your paper settings in MS Word AND in your PDF conversion software must be for A4 paper, not US Letter Size. If you normally use Letter Size, please be sure your final documents are correct. Paper size affects pagination and, in many cases, compliance with the maximum page limit.
  2. Use single-column format only. Justify left and right margins for a neat appearance. Carefully note the publisher’s required margins.
  3. Papers should include a brief abstract and keywords. (This abstract is not the same one- or two- page PDF “Abstract” submitted during the Call for Papers).
  4. Use high-resolution versions of images, following the publisher’s explanation.
  5. The Proceedings will be printed in black & white. Be sure to test your images for clarity if you provide them in color. In your descriptions, do not refer to colors in illustrations.
  6. Do not paginate your paper or include any other header or footer info. IOS Press will assign this information.
  7. If English is not your native language, please have your paper proofread by a native speaker, preferably one who is familiar with the described technology.

The June 1 deadline is not flexible. IOS Press has a very strict production schedule: time must be allowed for editing, production, and shipment to the conference.

Presenter Agreement Form and CV Requirements:
The first author of each abstract must complete and send the “Presenter Agreement Form” as well as their 2 page maximum Curriculum Vitae (CV). These must be submitted by June 1, 2012 or your paper will be rejected.

These forms are available for download below:
  - Presenter Agreement Form
- Example of 2 page Curriculum Vitae

Please fill out electronically, save, and send back to Conference Coordinator Mr. James Cullen:
By e-mail: jcullen@vrphobia.com
By fax: +1 (858) 642-0285
By regular Mail:
Interactive Media Institute
9565 Waples Street, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121, USA

Registration Requirements:
The conference registration must be paid when a paper is submitted to the Proceedings. If registration is not paid by June 1, 2012, your paper will not be forwarded to the publisher. Conference registration can be handled via our Online Registration Form.

If your paper is NOT accepted to the Proceedings and you withdraw from the conference, you will be refunded your paid registration in full if you withdraw prior to April 31, 2012.

(Please place in Red on website) If your paper is accepted, then it is required that you present the study in person at the conference. Any absences will result in forfeiture of registration costs as well as an automatic rejection in the inclusion of the final published Annual Review of CyberThearpy and Telemedicine. (ARCTT)

Instructions for Poster Presenters
Important Deadlines for Poster Presenters:
  1. Faculty Disclosure Form, Presenter Agreement Form, and First Author CV Deadline is June 1, 2012
  2. Presenter Registration Deadline is June 1, 2012.

Poster Formatting Requirements:
  - Poster dimensions MUST BE made according to the following dimensions:
   · 84.3 cm wide x 178.8 cm long
- Please check the website for further information on when and how poster presentations will occur.

Faculty Disclosure Form and CV Requirements:
Please refer to the above information in instructions for Oral Presenters for further information.

Registration Requirements:
Please refer to the above information in instructions for Oral Presenters for further information.

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